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Highest THC Content

Cannabis along with all plants have a defense mechanism against U.V. rays.  But Cannabis is the only plant that produces THC to protect itself.  Its been found that the highest THC content in Cannabis, was found in the Andes Mountains in South America. Why?  Due to the high elevation, the U.V. rays have  less of the Earths atmosphere to penetrate and  therefore more rays get through and subsequently the plant generates more THC.

Why Do Greenhouses Use U.V. Lights?

Because today's greenhouse plastics  which, cover most greenhouses block 95%  of the U.V. rays  

Growing Plants Without Lights

Our plastic passes the Suns complete light spectrum including the  U.V. spectrum (280nm to 400 nm) which,  is needed for THC production.  In addition it passes 400nm-500nm and 600nm-700nm which is needed for photosynthesis.  Therefore your plants will grow as if outside without the exorbitant electrical cost of artificial lighting.  In addition, the current grow lights on the market  generate very little of the U.V. spectrum and more  of the frequencies  needed for photosynthesis.  The  balance of frequencies they put out is not use by cannabis  and simply wastes energy!

Glass blocks UVB completely and passes only 75% of UVA  so your plants THC production is drastically reduced.  They need 100% of both UVA and UVB.   UVC is completely block by the Earths atmosphere so plants never see it.

No matter what type of plant you are growing i.e. fruit, vegetables or flowers,  you can now grow it without artificial lighting.  STOP depriving  your plants from their natural environment?

About Our Service


Our greenhouse plastic is lab tested for the highest quality and light thru put.  It has 5 times the durability of your standard greenhouse plastic (polyethylene) which, also makes it perfect for cold climates.  Snow loads and hail are non issues.  In addition,  because it completely passes U.V. light, it's not subject to U.V. degradation.  Its been test in the outdoor environment for 20 years and showed no degradation or expansion.  Therefore ours is the best greenhouse plastic in existence!


We offer custom sizes to fit your existing or planned greenhouse.  We  also supply a unique design of aluminium brackets which, fasten the plastic film to the greenhouse structural frame.  It simply snaps in and can be removed without any tools. 

This is a DIY project!  If you have any questions  don't hesitate to call us at  the number listed below.

Email your dimensions to us below.  Measure the length and width of your structure.   If you have a flat roof, simply provide length and width of your structure and the length and height of all your wall sections.  If you have a hip roof, provide the height from the top of the wall to the highest point of your roof.  If you have an arc roof, provide the height dimension at the highest point of the arc and let us know if it arches all the way to the floor or stops at the top of a straight wall.   If so, then provide the height of that wall along with the length.   Photos  are very  desirable.

Naturally Grown Bud

Cost Of Our Product

The cost is calculated at our office using the information that you provide to us below.  However, our plastic is less expensive then your standard Polyethylene green house plastic.

Our Promise to You

Our greenhouse plastic will provide your plants with the highest level of U.V. and natural light.  Our goal is to create a completely natural environment for growing cannabis and other plants.  In addition, it will eliminate the need for artificial lighting and reduce your carbon footprint.

Keep in mine, that  the cumulative carbon footprint is growing with cannibals production and all the governments are beginning to consider this.  Below is an excerpt from a study on energy consumption related to cannibals production.

" As a result, producing just a couple of pounds of weed can have the same environmental toll as driving across America seven times.  Cannabis may still invoke thoughts of small-time, hippyish pursuits but the actual energy impact of indoor growers is on a par with humming data centers" 

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